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Negril Marine Park
Black River Morass
Royal Palm Reserve
Dolphin Head Reserve
Ocho Rios Marine Park
Cockpit Country Reserve
Port Antonio Marine Park
Montego Bay Marine Park
Palisadoes-Port Royal Protected Area
Portland Bight Protected Area

Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park

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You can view a High Definition version of this map (1920x1080)
Journey with us, through this interactive virtual tour of Protected Area locations throughout Jamaica and engage in high quality, immersive and interactive 360 degree panorama views. Optional high definition "full screen" panoramas are also available.

This "Interactive Map of Jamaica" currently displays the eleven "Protected Areas" in Jamaica. You can roll over and highlight each of these areas. Click on any one of the highlighted areas and a new page will come up with another more detailed terrain map showing just that region with a few of the major towns and cities identified. These maps will also identify locations where you can click to visit high quality 360 degree interactive panorama views. All of the Protected Areas now contain at least one or more panoramas and more will be added in the future. In addition, descriptive audio video sequences may also be added to each of the panorama locations in the future.

Google Earth Views and Panoramas

Using Google Earth, you can view Jamaica from a 3D viewpoint and visit panorama views on the ground. This tour lets you explore 11 different Protected areas and 55 panorama locations on the Island of Jamaica. 18 of the panorama locations link to pages with full screen 360 degree views already produced for this web site.
For comprehensive GIS datasets on Jamaica, see the Nature Conservancy Internet Map Services.