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View of Montego Bay.

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The Montego Bay Marine Park is the entire Montego Bay. It comprises 15.3 square kilometres, beginning at the high-tide mark on land, and extending to the 100 metre depth at sea. The eastern boundary is Tropical Beach, adjacent to Sangster International Airport, and the western boundary is Rum Bottle Bay, a little point close to the Great River. It is a very diverse environment, including mangrove forests and islands, white sand beaches, river estuaries, seagrass beds and corals, not to forget all the animals and people that call this place home.

The Montego Bay Marine Park does a number of things. These are scientific monitoring, community outreach, and interpretive enforcement. The scientific aspects include fish and coral assessments, beach erosion monitoring, water quality testing, and rescuing injured marine animals. Community outreach involves all presentations we give to schools and public gatherings in order to educate people about their marine environment and environmental responsibility. Interpretive enforcement means facilitating compliance through offender education and enforcement as needed, so that all users can live in a sustainable way.

The above information is taken from the following existing web site for this area where further information can be found.

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