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River Bay Fishing Village

Brian Zane, with the Montego Bay Marine Park Trust, talks with a couple members of the River Bay Fisherman's Cooperative at their fishing village. The Cooperative is home to approximately 130 fisherman operating out of this area. Fishing boats, fish pots and nets can be seen on the beach. Many of the boats do not have motors and are human-powered by oars and paddles. The Montego Bay Marine Park Trust helped fund infrastructure development at this Cooperative site. The Trust also tries to work with the fishermen to establish needed limits on fishing within the Park. This Cooperative site has two gulleys along both sides that bring a lot of pollution down from the upper reaches and can deposit quite a bit of litter on the beaches. The Marine Park Trust has conducted a number of cleanup activities along the beaches in this area.

Panorama taken 1/24/06

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Brian Zane, with the Montego Bay Marine Park Trust, discusses the River Bay Fisherman's Cooperative.
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