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Dolphin Head Peak

Everald Morgan and Errol Barnes enjoy the view from Dolphin Head Peak. This spot is 1785 ft. above sea level, the highest point in western Jamaica. Everald points out where the bamboo is growing on the countryside below. These areas were originally planted with yams and bamboo was used as the yam sticks, so this invasive species took hold in these areas.

Lucea Harbour can be seen in the distance. Many communities that inhabit the areas along the Lucea West River to Lucea Harbour use the river as a way to dispose of solid waste and much of this ends up in the harbour. Also, some of the poor farming practices which strip the soil of vegetation contribute to heavy siltation of the river when it rains which also can form algae blooms in the harbour. Most of the communities are not on a central sewage system, so this waste along with farmers fertilizers and pecticides also contribute to pollution of the river.

Panorama taken 2/3/06

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Everald Morgan describes the view from Dolphin Head Peak.
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