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NEW! - Participate in networking opportunities. See the Discussion Forum for more information.
Volunteering can include macroinvertebrate monitoring in streams.

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Jamaica Protected Areas Volunteer Opportunities Forum - Open discussions and networking opportunities.
  • NEPA Needs Volunteers for Monitoring Turtle Nesting Beaches - The National Environment and Planning Agency is in the process of planning the monitoring of turtle nesting beaches for the 2008 nesting season. The survey of Palisadoes is a continuation of the work started in 2007. The survey is expected to commence the week of September 1 and end the week of November 28 and the beach will be visited three times per week. Transportation will be provided by NEPA (a bus) which will leave NEPA’s at 6:30 a.m. each survey day. Based on last year, the work is usually completed by 7:30/8:00. Interested persons are being asked to volunteer to assist with this activity. Volunteers should indicate when (dates) they will be able to provide assistance by emailing adonaldson@nepa.gov.jm or Ainsley A. Henry. Training of all volunteers will take place one or two weeks prior to the start of the survey. This will be finalized once the list of volunteers and their survey times are finalized. Your consideration and assistance is greatly appreciated. Ainsley A. HENRY, Ecosystems Management Branch, Integrated Planning and Environment Division, National Environment and Planning Agency, 10 & 11 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica. Tele: 876-754-7540 ext. 2213, Cellular: 876-471-1001,Fax: 876-754-7594-6. Related to this, also see the Palisadoes-Port Royal Protected Area in the Interactive Virtual Tour section.