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This interactive JPAT web site is being created to help stimulate interest and ideas in many protected area topics. And this Discussion Forum is a place where people can openly share comments, photographs, and information with others at any time. It is expected that a result of this new networking will also stimulate more participation by many people in helping build additional content for the JPAT web site in the future.

Please note that the networking options noted below are not intended to be fixed in type or number, rather this area is intended to be a place where new networking opportunities can become available as more diverse people participate. Individuals and interest groups are invited to link to other existing networking projects and/or start new discussion groups on special topics of interest. For example, people might want to start new JPAT bird, butterfly, fish or plant watching discussion groups. Others might be interested in starting more general discussion topics about a specific watershed, ecological area, educational project, etc.

Participants at Conservation Training Week, March 2006.

Please fill out the online forms below to Contribute Dates and Resources that can be added directly to this web site!

  • If you have an event you would like to add to the Calendar of Events, please fill out the online Calendar Submittal Form.
  • If you have a resource link you would like to add to this Network Center section of the web site, please fill out the online Resource Submittal Form. Thanks for your contribution!

Jamaica Protected Areas Networking Opportunities

A public Ning.com network project titled Jamaica Protected Areas has been initiated to enhance the discussion opportunities available in the Conservation Network Center. Note that this project also includes connections to Flickr and Facebook now and will include other "Open Social" projects soon.

Collaborative Geographic Maps

On the Jamaica Protected Areas Networking project a forum discussion has been started on new opportunities to develop GeoWeb and Neogeography maps.

Examples would potentially include a collaborative Google Map, a Google Earth KML project, Panoramio (images in Google Earth) and new Google Earth features. Also, Microsoft Virtual Earth, and NASA's World Wind has some interesting features that people are experimenting with.

Flickr Photography Group

Also a Flickr photography group has been made available to encourage geotagged photo and video submissions related to specific protected and conservation areas.

Facebook Group

This Facebook group is being initiated to encourage a broad range of involvement with people who are interested in sharing ideas, photographs and energy related to the conservation of protected areas in Jamaica.
Please feel free to participate in these networking efforts and help JPAT identify and protect special areas and natural resources in Jamaica.

If you are already involved in related discussion groups, networking projects, etc., please share the links to them in the Ning.com networking discussion forums. If you believe an existing group should be added to this page please use the "Resource Submittat Input Form" to provide the information to the webmaster.