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Forest Conservation Fund

Call for Concept Notes - 2011
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Forest Conservation Fund > Call for Concept Notes - 2009

Call for Concept Notes - 2009

Forested area in Cockpit Country.

The Oversight Committee of the Forest Conservation Fund (FCF) is inviting interested local or regional NGOs, CBOs, and non-profit organizations involved in environmental, forestry or conservation activities in Jamaica to submit proposals for grant funding for projects to be implemented island-wide.

The Forest Conservation Fund (FCF) was created in Jamaica in September 2004 after the signing of three (3) agreements/contracts between the Government of Jamaica (GOJ), the Government of the United States of America (USG), The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the Jamaica Protected Areas Trust (JPAT) respectively.

The central vision of the Fund is to achieve measurable reforestation of target areas within the seven selected priority sites as shown in this map. The key objectives of the Fund are:

1. Promote reforestation activities in denuded areas in the priority sites;
2. Develop a program that has a long-term Promote the protection, conservation and maintenance of parks, protected areas and reserves;
3. orientation and focuses on sustainability;
4. Develop and support the livelihoods of persons living in or near a tropical forest in a manner that is consistent with protecting such areas;
5. Establish partnerships with stakeholders both at the governmental and local levels in efforts for environmental conservation and protection;
6. Promote the development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of management including land and ecosystems management;
7. Strengthen the capacity of organizations at the national and local levels for managing natural resources and those involved in conservation activities;
8. Develop and implement an effective information and communication system that reaches the wider stakeholder population.

Read More about the Call for Concept Notes and Expressions of Interest Here (44K PDF file)

The call for Concept Notes will remain open for a period of six (6) weeks. It opens on Sunday, August 16, 2009 and the deadline for submission of completed and signed Concept Notes is 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 25, 2009. Please see the required forms below.

Hard copies of these Forms may also be collected at the offices of the Forest Conservation Fund/Jamaica Protected Areas Trust, Suite 201, 72B Hope Road, Kingston 6; The Nature Conservancy, Unit 27, Devon House East, 2+1/2 Kings Way, Kingston 10, and all Forestry Department Offices islandwide.

Download Required Forms (Two Versions) and Application Guidelines:

1. FCF Call For Concept Notes Grant Application Form Version 1 (182K PDF file)
2. FCF Call For Concept Notes Grant Application Form Version 2 (48K MS Word Format)
3. Application Guidelines, Call For Concept Notes 2009 (115K PDF file)

All signed Concept Note Forms are to be submitted on or before the deadline to:

Forest Conservation Fund
Suite 201, 72B Hope Rd.
Kingston 6

Signed forms may also be submitted via email to fcf@infochan.com, or forestconservationfund@gmail.com, or sent by fax to (876) 978-9080.

Acknowledgment letters will be sent to Applicants within seven (7) working days of the receipt of the Concept Notes.

Expressions of Interest Application Guidelines

Download Expressions of Interest Application Guidelines:

Expressions of Interest must be submitted no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 25, 2009 to:

Forest Conservation Fund
Suite 201, 72 B Hope Rd.
Kingston 6
Fax: (876) 978-9080
Email: fcf@infochan.com or forestconservationfund@gmail.com,

Enquiries may be made by email to fcf@infochan.com or forestconservationfund@gmail.com.

Reporting Forms for Funded Applicants

Disbursement and Quarterly Reporting forms are now available for all existing applicants who were approved for funding. For more information on these forms, email the FCF Secretariat.

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