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Call for Concept Notes - 2011
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Forest Conservation Fund > Funded Projects > Dolphin Head Forest Conservation and Appropriate Resource Utilization Project

PROJECT TITLE: Dolphin Head Forest Conservation and Appropriate Resource Utilization Project




PROJECT BUDGET:  J $ 11,460,000

PROJECT GOAL: To quantifiably decrease the acreage of land under illegal cultivation within the Dolphin Head Forest Reserve.


1. Sustainable Land and Natural Resource Utilization: This project is necessary for the promotion of diversified and sustainable land use practices on mountain slopes in order to protect habitats of global significance.

2. Land Degradation: The project aims to play a role in restoring and protecting degraded, ecologically sensitive areas while promoting sustainable land use practices on the forested mountain slopes in order to protect habitats of global significance.

3. Biodiversity Conservation in Forest and Mountain Ecosystems: The Live Botanical Museum is a conservation initiative of the Dolphin Head Trust and aims to create a repository for Rare, Threatened or endangered Jamaica Endemic Plant Species and Dolphin Head Endemic Plant Species as well as genetic variations of wild relatives of domesticated species.

4. Promoting natural resource management by local and indigenous people: Engendering a solid stewardship ethic such that local communities are oriented to have such a high stake in the natural resources that they will mobilize to protect it.

5. Promote alternative livelihoods for local and indigenous communities in adjacent buffer areas : This project represents a real opportunity to test and develop community level approaches to ex-situ biodiversity conservation activities by promoting sustainable use and management of biodiversity in ecosystems and utilizing non conventional uses of land which directly creates alternative livelihood options for local stakeholders and stems further deterioration of this area of high biodiversity.

In addition the project will also seek to:

  • Draw lessons from local experience and support the spread of successful community-level strategies and innovations.
  • Build grassroots level capacity to tackle problems that are contributing to forest destruction and degradation through partnerships and networks.
  • Promote in-situ conservation of plant biodiversity through the establishment of a nursery which will serve as a seed bank for endemics and biodiversity registers.
  • It will also provide an avenue for capacity building of indigenous and local community to preserve and maintain their knowledge, innovation, and practices relevant to the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity.

This will ultimately result in the establishment of community co-management of protected areas that contain important pools of endemic species.


1. Financial sustainability of the executing organization after 3 years.

2. Complete conversion and engaging of all Forest Destroyers into forest protectors.

3. Dolphin Head Hiking Trail and Live Botanical Museum firmly established as a World Class tour, an economically viable, ideal and successful example of community driven Nature Based Tourism with conservation, livelihood and educational value.
Workers at the project site.
Gabion baskets have been installed.