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Forest Conservation Fund > Funded Projects > Dallas Forest Conservation Project

PROJECT TITLE: Dallas Forest Conservation Project

IMPLEMENTING ORGANIZATION: Dallas Castle Community Development Council (CDC)

PROJECT LOCATION: Dallas Castle, St. Andrew



PROJECT BUDGET:  J $ 2,696,045
Workers at the project site.
Workers at the project site.

PROJECT GOAL: To stabilize and restore tree cover to a 3 acre slope in the Dallas Castle Community.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Dallas Castle, located in the Yallahs watershed is listed as a 1st priority watershed. This is due to the fact that there is a constant threat of massive soil erosion and land slippage which could dislocate dwellings, deposit rocks and debris thereby blocking the access road connecting the community to the nearest commercial centre (Papine) and other communities to the south and west. The land degradation was exacerbated by faulty road construction after hurricane Ivan, which changed the drainage pattern thus rainwater is channelled down the slope which has resulted in gullying of the land. The project site of 3 acres comprises lots owned by community residents which border the road.

The project seeks to:

  • Ameliorate the risk of further damage by stabilizing and restoring the land
  • Avert a potential major catastrophe, as the land slide threatens homes, lives and property of residents in the immediate environs of the site,
  • Reduce the potential isolation of the community after heavy rains and road blocks.

The project will stabilize and restore the slope by physical means, including installation of Gabion basket and terracing, as well as reforesting the area with appropriate tree species as advised by the Forestry Department.  This will be carried out by community residents under the direction of the Dallas CDC.

The beneficiaries of this intended project will be:

  • Residents employed by the project and those who live within the immediate vicinity of the potential land slide
  • The general Dallas Castle community and those who traverse the main road

The project will result in ameliorating the risk of damage to lives and property as the terraced and reforested area will be more stable and less prone to erosion.  Curb walls and channels have been put in to address the drainage problem.  The success of the project will be measured by a reduction in soil loss and land slippage as well as a reduction in road blocks, particularly after heavy rains. The community will also benefit from the increased aesthetic appeal of the tree-covered slope.

Workers at the project site.
Workers at the project site.
Gabion baskets have been installed.
Gabion baskets have been installed.