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Call for Concept Notes - 2011
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Forest Conservation Fund > Funded Projects > Reforestation of 25 Hectares of Degrade Forest Reserve at Cinchona in the Yallahs Watershed

PROJECT TITLE: Reforestation of 25 Hectares of Degrade Forest Reserve at Cinchona in the Yallahs Watershed



PROJECT BUDGET:  J $ 13,465,080
Harvested area near the Yallahs watershed.
Harvested area near the Yallahs watershed.

PROJECT GOAL: The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the sustainable management of the country’s productive systems by promoting the maintenance of ecosystem integrity which provides environmental services thereby adding to the economic and social well-being of the country.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Jamaica loses forest cover at a rate of 0.1% annually. Additionally, according to the National Environment Action Plan (NEAP), 19 of the 26 newly defined watersheds have been declared critical owing to the degree of degradation and are in need of urgent remedial work to return to an acceptable state of health. The Forestry Department has identified the main causes for forest loss as: 

  1. soil erosion,
  2. illegal removal of timber or fuel wood,
  3. slash and burn cultivation,
  4. illegal fires, and
  5. illegal cultivation.

The project will address the issue of reforestation in order to stem soil erosion, slash and burn cultivation and illegal cultivation. The project activities involve forest restoration which will result in the protection and maintenance of forest reserves as a part of a conservation effort.

Measurement of Achievements: A number of performance criteria have been developed to help measure the achievements of the project these are as follows.

  • 25 hectares of degraded forest reserve replanted
  • 650 trees per hectare of hard wood species
  • 6 different species planted
  • Number of community persons employed per hectare replanted
  • Number of hectares removed from illegal cultivation
  • Number of Lions and Leos impacted